About HYPED™

We work as a liason between School Districts and the community to highlight and promote excellence in education. The HYPED™ program allows community businesses to support the School District’s teachers, students, and families though sponsorship and marketing opportunities.

HYPED™ Awareness

State budget cuts are growing at an alarming rate causing school districts to eliminate sports, arts and other programs...hence HYPED™

HYPED™ Opportunities

We implement a space audit of the school grounds, fields
and buses to highlight money-making opportunities within the district.

HYPED™ Promotion

We aggressively seek potential advertisers and sponsorships to help supplement the growing costs of running certain programs.

HYPED™ Professionals

The whole process is handled by the HYPED™ staff. No hassle, no interruptions, just results. Now that's supporting excellence in education.

Why School Districts are Hyped™ about Us

Community Support

Businesses are embracing excellence in education by promoting their own business within their school district. Everyone wins.

Proactive Approach

Instead of cutting programs, school districts are implementing the HYPED™ program to raise supplemental capital.

Monetary Gain

In order to sustain and fund enrichment programs, school districts are offering on-site space as marketing opportunities.

Student Success

The HYPED™ program allows school districts and the community to invest in creating a well rounded successful student.

Districts already benefiting from HYPED™

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